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About me:
"Removing the need to understand the context of technologies to benefit from their functionalities" MESG.tech About me: Moved to Malta after university to play online poker Retired from poker in 2011 Focused on personal development, mindset hacking, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Philosophy, quantum physics, nutrition, cooking, massage, yoga, tantra, traveling, communication, connection, Buddhism etc Started an E-commerce business Magic the Gathering Saas Company - ION - Investor and Marketing Advisor Cryptocurrency Investor NON-TECHNICAL Blockchain Evangelist and Early Adopter :)) It's a fun challenge to try to describe how much Impact MESG could have. It has the same potential as the Internet 1.0 was to the world by solving the Interoperability problem and connecting the Internet of Things. Remember what life was like before the Internet? And then all the things that went into making the internet possible - to make it as powerful as it is today. The power of contribution. It's the same thing with MESG. We are getting Developers and Entrepreneurs to build the infrastructure of the Next Internet. MESG is a truly beautiful technology. It makes all technologies compatible without the steep learning curve because you can simply use existing technology. Picture what the Hardware Store is for Builders in terms of allowing them to use their imaginations to build anything they want. MESG is that AND SO much MORE. The possibilities are limitless. It's a whole NEW paradigm for Developers. KISS MY DRY DAPPS with MESG.tech <3