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Brand Strategy, Communications/Public Relations, Marketing/Advertising, Mentorship, Photography, Social Media, Writing/Editing, Business Planning/Strategy

About me:

Crafting stories for major media companies and brands has been the focus and passion of my career. Storytelling has taken on many forms, including promotional copy, newsletters, scripts, blog posts, and emails. I’ve worked on R&D for apps and widgets internally with creative development teams and externally with third-party vendors, on new content distribution channels. Currently I partner with small to mid-size businesses to develop their content messaging and marketing strategy. Prior to starting my own business, much of my content was produced for internal programming targeted to a 600+ strong salesforce. I was able to leverage my skills in writing fresh, engaging copy that was informative and memorable for busy sales executives to digest quickly. I’ve been telling stories my entire life. The defining traits of what I consider to be a good content creator -- curiosity, astute observation, and an inquisitive nature -- are in my blood, baked into my DNA. I come from a long line of storytellers whose history is steeped in an oral tradition, from the cobblestone paths and winding canals of Ortygia, Sicily to the sandy beaches of Coney Island. I remember at age 4, dressed in a gingham pinafore and sporting a Liza Minnelli shag, sharing stories while my mom and dad patiently listened. Years later, I would spend countless hours conjuring characters and scenes in parchment-filled journals. And although the mediums have changed, I have never been at a loss for words to fill a page. I love reading, listening to, and telling great stories, but most of all I love creating them. It’s about learning a brand’s origin, asking the right questions to unearth relevant information, distilling the narrative into a brand concept and collaborating cross-functionally to produce words, stories, and images that engage audiences. We all have a story to tell, if you have one to share or need help crafting one, I can help. Message me for more info.