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About me:
I've been designing and manufacturing products for 16 years. I began my professional life as a sales person. It was a good experience, because in those years I learned about establishing and maintaining relationships. And learned that it's as important to keep my production team happy and inspired as it is to keep my clients happy. This ultimately created (and still does) positive results. My experience selling numerous brands combined with my curious nature led me to start Company Boutique, an agency that created and manufactured branded merchandise and experiences for companies such as Hearst Corporation, Viacom, Fox, and many more. In 2004, I had the idea to relaunch Camp Beverly Hills, the popular clothing line from the 80's. It was a highly successful launch and the brand was sold in 2007. Having designed, created, managed, and produced countless products and projects over the years, my husband and I began to discuss the possibility of a physical space built to house and nourish a unique and diverse creative community. It started as a concept that we talked incessantly about until turning it into a fabrication lab and innovation studio called Collab. I continue to spend a portion of my day creating products and installations - ideas and experiences for companies - and the other parts of my day connecting and nurturing the community at Collab. This year, I was honored by Forty Over 40 as one of 40 women reinventing, disrupting and making a positive impact in this world. Collab is located in Manhattan. It is comprised of an inspiring group of artists and scientists, sharing a 5,500 sq ft space with equipment, wood shop, sewing studio, communal work area, private studios and infinite possibilities. It is our goal to expand Collab in NYC and then across the country, showing by example the opportunities for flourishing when an inventive group of people share space, resources, their ideas and imaginations on a daily basis.