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Brand Strategy, Business Planning/Strategy, Graphic Design, IT Networking, Marketing/Advertising, Product Design/Product Management, Social Media

About me:

■ Social Media & Web Manager at The Culinary Institute of America Just developed and launched the new blog

■ Founder & Marketer for American Sorghum, sustainable franchise farming systems with the power of sorghum. &

■ IYBI Consultant specializing in Marketing, Social Media, Brand Refinement, Web Development, SEO and Digital Content Creation.

■ Redesign and relaunch:

■ Founder of the original Black & White Cookie Company, bringing traditional New York Black & White Cookies to the World. Achieved top ranked SEO for all related search terms. Offered the only fully customizable Black and White Cookies.

■ Author/Illustrator and Publisher of Baby Shadows a very unique Children's book that promotes self awareness through the use of shadows

■ Designed the very first Social Media platform @ Cymbiosys Interactive LLC. It was Facebook before Facebook, but way too ahead of its time.