Markeatha Murphy

at Another Path, Inc.


Brand Strategy, Marketing/Advertising

About me:

I have worked in the community for 19 years through various organizations.  I recently started my own nonprofit organization.  Another Path, Inc. is an incorporated organization founded to address the critical areas of reintegration into the community after a felony conviction. Another Path, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to reducing barriers to reintegration into society for felons. The organization will address housing, mentoring, entrepreneurship, financial services (health and wealth well-being), etiquette training and mental health services. As a proactive component, Another Path, Inc. will implement youth programs to deter them from entering the penal system. Those programs will include but are not limited to mentoring, job shadowing, nontraditional sports programs, fitness (health and nutrition program), entrepreneurship, STEM programs and liberal arts programs. Another Path, Inc. will help fulfill some of the basic needs required to lead a healthy and successful (productive) life by collaborating with local churches, community colleges and universities and housing programs to support these individuals and lessen the chances of recidivism.

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