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Education/Training, Mentorship, Other

About me:

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community & Human Services and is currently working on her Master’s Degree. She works full time at Farmingdale State College as an Administrative Assistant and Founded Parent Action Community along with a group of parents in 2005.

Her reason for starting this organization stems from her personal experience and those that she sees our young adults going through today. As a teen Mother herself she looks and sees that there are still too many young women becoming pregnant and having to raise their children alone. In addition, the fact that they are becoming pregnant indicates that they are having unprotected sex and there for at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. She also looks at the many at risk behaviors of our young adults and wants to assist them to make a better choice through preventative education.

Elizanne Russell is constantly looking for way in which to help our youth succeed in their area of interest and believe that if we look at each youth individually and home in on their area of interest to develop the talent that is in them that we can redirect the negative risky behavior and harness some unique gifts.