Steve Vinton

at Village Schools International



About me:
I have served for more than two decades as a missionary in Africa, first as a teacher, and then as an adviser to my former students as we have worked together to establish primary and secondary schools, a teacher training college, a theological college, churches, medical clinics and various community development projects. In 2005 I helped a group of my former students in Tanzania to found Village Schools Tanzania -- ten years later we have 35 schools open (including one in Malawi), with over 9700 students enrolled, and another 11 under construction. I often speak at colleges, churches and schools in the United States and in Tanzania. I guest lectures once or twice annually on "The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches" or "Christian Community Development" for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course offered around the United States under the auspices of the US Center for World Missions.