gina stefanides



About me:

I have been working in the animal rescue field for over 20 years. I have been involved in the community by spay/neutiring as many animals as we have funds for.  Our missiosn is to continue to fix as many animals as possilbe to evetually stop the overpopulation of free roaming cats.  Thus, reducing the intake to animal control where they are put down. We maintain several colonies of feral or unwanted cats in our area. All the cats are fixed and fed daily. 

We follow Alley Cat Allies forum on fixing cats with their TNR program. Trap, neuter and return.  We have seen this work in all our colonies. However, once in awhile, the word will get out and a new one will appear.  The cat is immediately fixed and returned so colony does not get bigger.

Unlike most large organizations, I am a hands on President. My job includes trapping cats to get fixed, fostering cats to either get them adopted or healthy. I also, feed daily over 100 cats outside in their colonies. This is a very time consuming job description which leaves me very little time to do grants and reports. So any help we can get is always helpful.

Gigs Owned: