S. Peterson

at Abraham's Inheritance Inc.


Communications/Public Relations, Community Organizing, Marketing/Advertising, Mentorship

About me:

I would like to say first, my foundation, belief and life is in Jesus  Christ. I follow the purpose and assignment, I  believe  was given to me based upon the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.I  have a Bachelor's degree in International  business management. I have extensive  experience  in advertisemment, sales and marketing. I applied these skills in the area of  real estate, network marketing , insurance and other business ventures, although I was successful in all these ventures my passion was always in helping people with words of knowledge  and  inspiration  especially  in  individuals who  are neglected but hold the key to the family structure  and  has the ability to positively  impact  and change the world and  that is one of the reason's  why I was given  the  vision to form Abrahams Inheritance  Inc.  to reach  and mentor young men without father figures who lives are being destroyed  daily because  of the  lack of knowledge.

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