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About me:

Mary is the founder and Executive Director for Susty Kids, Inc., a California-based non profit organization.

For over 25 years, Mary was working in the software technology industry as a research analyst and a practitioner. She was a Senior Analyst with the Business-to-Business Infrastructure group at Jupiter Research. Previous to Jupiter, she held senior roles in education, consulting services, product marketing and competitive intelligence for Bachman Information Systems, Logic Works and Business Objects.

And then, in 2008, a National Geographic Expedition to Antarctica was a life changing experience for Mary. Humbled by the reality that climate change is real, the journey fueled her passion to research and learn more about sustainable solutions to preserve the planet. So she went back to school.

She graduated from Presidio Management School’s Executive Program in Sustainability in 2010 and launched Green Research. One World (GROW), a sustainable research firm that focused on environmental, social and economic implications while keeping a finger on the pulse of sustainable innovation. Her research findings at GROW inspired her to found Susty Kids, Inc. and create the Susty Girl and Susty Boy and Susty Kids program brands.

Her tenet is simple: our children are our future and in order for them to learn how to sustain the planet, they must work together to learn from each other so they can make the earth a better place to grow.

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