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Community Organizing, Education/Training, Event Planning, Photography, Project Management, Business Planning/Strategy

About me:

I try to be a radical (and progressive too!) politically-minded feminist, anti-racist white man. I have worked in education and social enterprise, and am always interested in creative, effective projects that make a difference and increase the chances that at some point our descendents will live in a just, equitable, sustainable world.

I studied critical sociology, focusing on the "ism's" and structures that sustain them. I graduated with honors from Dartmouth College after fighting against an entrenched system of patriarchal privilege. Finally, I am very good at what I was trained to do, namely: research and critical analysis, big-picture strategic planning, and being highly effective at getting projects done.

(Additionally, I have a lot experience in and am interested in technology, but am not wedded to it as the "solution" - including tech hardware, services, websites, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, videography, etc.)