Archana Gupta


Community Organizing, Education/Training, Event Planning, Mentorship, Other, Project Management

About me:

I am a woman, mother, doing my part in creating harmonious co-existence amongst us all, the Human Family.  I am a teacher, a student, in day-to-day moments, and sometimes I forget:)  

It matters to awaken each human being to their innate, vibrant, dynamic power.  That each person has a unique expression, unique gift, ways of being, and each person is ok just the way he or she is.  To enhance the inner belief "I CAN, I AM" in each child, man and woman.  That people coming together, connecting with fellow human beings, just to support, colllaborate, strengthen, each other, matters, and MUST continue to GROW, STRENGTHEN, to uplift each other, and to ACCELERATE THE COMMON GOOD, THE GREATER GOOD.  Each must be supported to succeed in his or her positve EXPRESSION.  Give, Do, Be, just because.