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Children with Incarcerated Parents
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Fundraising/Grant Writing
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4 Hours
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August 01
40 gnikels + extra
Hello, we are in need of fundraisers supporting TCCIPA (tea-sippa), The Center for Children with Incarcerated Parents of America. PLEASE READ, unique in every way. We provide diversion/re-entry services for parents/military veterans/youth. Through the transportation industry, we have our own commmerical trucks on the ground providing paid apprenticeships to our target market. It is our goal, to provide career pathways to the disadvantage, through our transportation model which serves & revitalizes our nation & neighborhoods. Through a collaborative effort with Municipal, State, and Military Courts, along with our transportation partners, we create professional drivers and contributing members within the community. We offer a complete package serving the public interest & private sector as the Nations professional driver deficit continues to rise, and receidivism rates remain unchanged (or in some cases worsens). The President of the United States, along with thousands of leaders across America has called the Nation to action to prevent mass incarceration, by creating second chance/fair employment opportunities for the at-risk, and disadvantaged. We need fundraisers. This is a commission only position for now. As the founder, my whole life has been groomed, managed, and prepared for this very moment. I was the child born into a military family to loose both parents as a result of my fathers incarceration. I was the child left behind with no voice, to experience the abuse, poverty, violence, and eventually, generational incarceration (the curse). But as God brought Joseph out of slavery & weakness to become a leader for his people and to the land, so has God brought me out my ruins. I now live, only to serve my land, my nation, and my people. With a unqiue experience & skill set, I give all of who I am to serve Gods purpose, through TCCIPA. I now call on the help of the people to make this more than idea, but instead, a life-saving raft
About The Center for Children with Incarcerated Parents of America, Incorporated
My name is Joshua Brown and I am the Founder of The Center for Children with Incarcerated Parents of America, DBA the Trucking Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents of America. Our mission was developed throughout the course of my entire life. I was born and raised into parental incarceration, and then preceded to generationally repeat the cycle. But through a divine purpose, I overcame the strongholds, barriers, and social stigmas including unfair hiring practices. And thus the mission was born, and the vision made clear. Our mission is to divert parental & inter-generational incarceration, with the goal of helping at-risk & disadvantaged parents to stabilize their lives economically, reach their leadership potential in the community, and become reliable and present contributors of society. We keep our communities safe and thriving by: • Providing Professional Commercial Driver Training & Certifications • Mediating clients in full-time/part-time transportation/logistical career occupations • Provide clients in disciplined/positive housing during diversion • Promote & advocate idealistic solutions on parental incarceration, generational incarceration, and recidivism including economic self-sufficiency, value-oriented parenting, and policy. What took me 30 years to learn has been consolidated into a 12-month program. The Center provides economical solutions for the disadvantaged, while providing a service desperately needed in the transportation industry, and the community.