Business Planning/Strategy Consultation
Organization Type:
Required Skill:
Business Planning/Strategy
Time Commitment:
1 Hours
Expiration Date:
February 11
10 gnikels
We are, in the not too distant future, going to be launching a small social enterprise in South Africa to support our NGO. We've received a small start-up grant from a foundation in upstate NY and would love to have folks work with us to assist with giving this the best possible chance for success. Through this consultation, we are hoping to build out the framework for a brief, but effective, strategic plan that we can use as we launch this social enterprise in South Africa. This plan could include needed resources, budgeting, marketing, etc. We want this enterprise to be mission focused, revenue generating and woven into the fabric of the community we operate in. Having somebody who has launched a social enterprise (successfully) consult with us at this critical juncture would be enormously useful for us. Though Inkululeko has been around for a few years, we are literally starting this social enterprise (that we hope will, in time, support Inkululeko) from the ground floor.
About Inkululeko
Inkululeko is a dynamic non-profit organization that serves motivated students in Grahamstown, South Africa. We work collaboratively to fully realize and unlock potential.